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Watch October Baby Online – Stream online Direct from Netflix – Rent DVD

What if one day you find out that your entire life had been apparently a lie, what if the people around you are not telling you the entire truth about who you really are? Such is the premise of the film October Baby. Watch October Baby (2012) Online free in HD and witness the story of Hannah. October Baby (2012) film will have its limited release on March 23, 2012. Who is Hannah? She is an actress and she would have her theatrical debut on the stage at her college,


but before she was able to say the line from the play she is starring in she collapses in front of the audience. As she was taken to the medical facility and as the battery of tests performed on her leads to a conclusion, it is caused the difficult birth she had gone through as a baby. But this is not the only shocking news she would soon learn, and that is she was actually adopted after a failed abortion attempt.


Angered and confused upon learning about this life changing truth, Hannah decides to go on a journey with Jason one of her oldest circle of friends. While going on to a journey together to discover her muddled past with the hope of learning about her personal history, along the way Hannah learns that there is more to life than what you can normally expect.


click here to watch October Baby online



click here to watch October Baby online
Personally I find that her reaction is normal for a person who would be undergoing this kind of difficulties in their life, where for several years she had been living her life believing all along that the people surrounding her are her real blood kin. Naturally upon learning of the truth she embarks on a journey upon learning about her past and it would be interesting to find out if she had been able to locate her missing mother. Watch October Baby (2012) Online here and be encourage.
October Baby is directed by Jon and Andrew Erwin and stars Rachel Hendrix, Jason Burkey, Jasmine Guy, John Schneider.

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